15 10 2013

It is popular today for someone to say; “When you refer to someone as lost it is an insult”. But I look at it a little differently:

You see, Jesus mission on earth was a search-and-rescue mission with an unusual twist – in this case, the lost were in an enviable position. For Jesus, the term lost was not derogatory. Being lost implied there was some place you were supposed to be and someone who cared you were not there….in effect, God said, “You’re supposed to be in a relationship with me, but you’re separated from me. That means you are lost. And because you are lost, I will pay the ultimate price to rescue you.

God loved us so much that He sent His one and only son to rescue us! (John 3:16-17)

However, If God’s only goal was just to rescue us, He could have zapped us straight to heaven once we became Christians so we could bypass the inevitable struggles of earth. But He didn’t. He left us here. Obviously, something we do from the time we “get found” to the time we join Him in eternity is important.

I believe…We “get found” so we can join Him in finding others.