Letter from Hell

8 04 2014

A young man returned home from his friends’ funeral and found this letter in his mailbox:


Dear Friend,

I’m writing this letter for one reason (Friend). You see, I just found out that you knew of this place all along (friend).   You even knew who could keep me from coming here (Friend). But you never told me and you never introduced Him to me (Friend). Now I’m in this place where the pain is beyond description and will never end. And the smell…well, there is no way to describe it. And the worst part is: I didn’t have to come here. We were together every day. I shared my heart with you. I considered you my only true friend.

Now (friend) you will have to pardon the anger that I feel when I ask you this question: WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME? What did I do that caused you to hate me so? Yes, I said HATE ME! Because you must have hated me or you would have told me about this place. YOU KNEW ALL ALONG!  You knew when I told you all the bad things I was doing, but you didn’t tell me. WHY?  You knew when I started using those drugs, but you still didn’t tell me. WHY?

Now I’m here and there is no way out. I would like to say; “I hope to see you here soon (friend)”. But I can’t , this place is so bad that I don’t even want my worst enemy to come here. So (friend) I say goodbye for now and I hope you are a better friend to the next person than you were to me. Oh, and one more thing (friend):

                IT’S WORSE THAN YOU KNOW!



Your Friend