Our Mission

The Need:

As part of Campus Ministry United, it is our goal to expand campus ministries across this nation.  We need your help to accomplish this task.  We are appealing to hearts and minds to contribute funds and contacts to achieve planting campus ministries in order to spread the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Barna research shows 77% of those who make a decision for Christ in the United States do so before the age of 21.  There are over 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States with an estimated enrollment of 20 million students. The Church of Christ now has only 138 active Campus Ministries.  In other words, 97% of the colleges and universities in the United States lack a Church of Christ campus ministry. This bleak report means there are literally millions of young people who are about to make the most pivotal and essential choice of their life without the gospel message as presented by the Church of Christ. 

The U.S. college campus is the ripest mission field in the Unites States today.  The potential reaches internationally as well due to the foreign exchange opportunity on our campuses today.  We at Campus Ministry United are committed to that mission field.

Bill Bright once said; “Change the campus today; change the world tomorrow”. This statement rings just as true today!  Please consider our appeal!

CMU’s Three-Fold Mission:

1) Train New Campus Ministers.

  • Recruit effective, passionate people.
  • Provide practical training within existing effective ministries.
  • Encourage academic training in brotherhood universities.
  • Send into field trained and equipped to reach college students for Christ.

2) Assist churches sponsoring new ministry plants.

  • Plug churches into a network of ministries with expertise and experience.
  • Provide trained personnel to work on-site.

3) Provide enrichment materials and seminars to bless existing ministries.

  • Annual CMU Workshop at Harding University – providing interactive communication with tools and ideas to equip campus ministries.
  • Bi-annual evaluative studies of Church of Christ campus ministries – charting development of the field fellowship-wide.

Goals reached so  far:

  • Planted four full-time campus ministers in the field.
  • Conducted five enrichment workshops held on the campus of Harding University boosting national and international participation.
  • Sponsored detailed studies revealing the current state of Church of Christ campus Ministry and problems that need to be addressed.
  • Assisting with the development of a Masters level campus ministry course through Harding’s M.Min. program.


We Can Do So Much More!

With Your Help:

  • We can train campus ministers.

With Your Help:

  • We can plant a trained campus minister on every campus in the United States.

With Your Help: 

  • We can change the face of campus ministry.

With Your Help:

  • We can change the eternity of millions of College students!


How you can help:

100 doing $100

100 people committed to giving a $100.00 per month that will fund the training and planting of 1 campus minister per year.

1,000 doing $10

1,000 people committed to giving $10.00 per month that will fund the training and planting of a campus minister per year.

Donations payable to:     Park Plaza Church of Christ / Memo: CMU

Park Plaza Church of Christ

                                                Attn: Matt Robinson

                                                4930 Sheridan

                                                Tulsa, OK  74145


Contact info:     

Lynn Stringfellow – stringfellow1@juno.com – 813-380-6817

 Matt Robinson – Controller –Mrobinson@parkplaza.org

Park Plaza office – 918-627-3201



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