The Week That Was…HvZ!

30 10 2010

This week was an exciting week on the campus of USF.  You might think this was due to senatorial and gubernatorial debates taking place, or the completion and/or success of midterm tests, or graduation being just a little closer; but you probably wouldn’t guess it was due to a giant game of tag.  Monday, October 25th at 11pm Human vs. Zombies began.  The game ensued with all its craziness through Friday, October 29th, at 6pm which ended with approximately 600 ‘humans and zombies’ (a.k.a. USF students) in a Battle Royale on a USF recreation field. 

With Halloween in the air, it was the perfect atmosphere for students to unleash their pent-up stress over midterms and roommate issues into this calculated game of Tag Apocalypse.  Approximately 1400 students registered and played the nationally-renown game via website and campus property.  The game begins with everyone registering as humans wearing a bandana on their upper arm. A minimal ratio of OZ’s (Original Zombies) is unleashed among the masses.  Humans are turned into zombies by getting tagged by a zombie—a simple touch administered overtly or covertly (e.g. being fooled by an OZ).  Humans’ defenses are the ability to stun a zombie for 15 minutes (get-a-away time) with a ‘deadly’ rolled sock or the ominous Nerf gun dart.  Once a human is turned he then transfers the bandana from his upper arm to his head identifying his status to the vulnerable human.  A zombie must feed on a human within 48 hours or he is dead (really dead—out of the game!).  Inside campus buildings are safe zones but traveling from class to dorm to parking garage is where the adventure gets exciting.  The final score according to the website was Humans-523/Zombies-259/Deceased-609.  Evidently another Apocalypse is yet to come…. 

The only pause in the four-day game was Tuesday evening while Campus Activity Board through a Zombie Prom.  The game resumed again at midnight after the best of the zombie costumes and Thriller dances were judged.  Don’t you know to be crowned King and Queen of the Zombie Prom will be an asset on your resume? 

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How does all this tomfoolery advance the Kingdom?  We engaged with 1400 USF students in one week.  They discovered that CIA (Christians In Action) are people who can have fun.  They discovered that we cared enough about student life to coordinate and manage a campus wide game.  They discovered possibly new friends that might have more to offer them than their ‘threatened existence’ (humans) or their ‘undead status’ (zombies)—they have hope of discovering the truly ‘returned from the dead’ Savior, Jesus Christ!  The story continues….