4 03 2011

Carol and I are in a time of transition. Our attention is on many different things. We still need to sell our home in Tampa. We’re facing a decision of possibly having to rent our home in order to go ahead and make the move to Tulsa so we can do the work God is calling us to do. This will begin the reality of moving and all that entails. We’re involved in planning a mission trip for three ministries, and we are already working on the CMU workshop in July. Our “focus” seems to be spread all over the place. I have to wonder about where our “focus” should be.

In Mark 10:32 we find Jesus “focused”.

“They were on their way up to Jerusalem, with Jesus leading the way, and the disciples were astonished, while those who followed were afraid. Again he took the Twelve aside and told them what was going to happen to him.”

Jesus is “leading the way”. (The Greek infers that He is extremely focused on moving ahead.)

Picture what is happening– Jesus is out in front of the pack, resolutely headed for Jerusalem. His apostles and disciples are following behind Him. Scripture says, they were “astonished” and “afraid”. Why?

Well if you back up just a few chapters you would find that Jesus had told them what was going to happen in Jerusalem. Now they are headed there (right into the lion’s den) and Jesus is “focused”. He is “focused” on obeying His Father, following the plan, and doing God’s will. He is “focused” on dying on a cruel cross for you and me!

So let’s stop here for a moment. What’s our “focus”? Is it work? School? Our spouses? Our children? I have to admit that mine has been on this move. Where should it be?

In my twelve years in campus ministry I have seen many times what happens when someone’s “focus” is on God’s will; people’s lives change! Every time someone focuses on doing God’s will, lives are changed and not just their own. When people focus on doing God’s will, souls are saved and darkness is changed to light.

So, why would we want to focus on anything else?

Well, remember; “Our enemy, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Satan wants us to ‘focus’ on anything but God’s will. He’ll use your job, your family–anything. He knows your inner-most desires and will use them against you.

So again I ask; what are we “focused” on?