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Lynn and Carol Stringfellow both began life in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Their journeys were very different before they met.  Lynn was born in Tulsa but moved to Eastern Oklahoma to eventually grow up on a small farm learning all about real life and dealing with adversity primarily from his mother’s and grandfather’s influence after his parent’s divorce.  Carol grew up in south Tulsa with all the blessings of a middle class Christian family learning that life was good and presuming certain predictability.

Then Lynn and Carol met. ‘Opposites attract’ is a good adage but until you experience it, you have no idea what a ride it can be!  After lots of blending and adapting, after some crazy shared experiences, and after receiving diplomas from the ‘school of hard knocks’ (SHK)—in fact 36 years of marriage—they can both say “What a ride—and it’s far from over”.

Eleven years ago the door opened for Lynn to enter ministry—a 180 degree turn from a successful sales career for the prior 20 years.  The calling was clear for Lynn and undeniable as to following the Lord’s open doors.  He took Carol and their two sons, Steven and Matthew, to Tampa, Florida from Corpus Christi, Texas to begin in campus ministry with the Bay Area Church of Christ.  Campus ministry was new to Lynn and Carol but an exciting endeavor at this point in their lives.  With a rich history of working with young people through boxing, football, martial arts, and church youth groups, Lynn’s natural talents seemed to be focusing into a specific purpose.  Eleven years later the experience was as rich as one could imagine.  Lynn and Carol developed the CIA ministry.  Christians In Action became an outreach-focused campus ministry and soon was defined by the joys of serving the needs of the college age by describing and sharing a life with purpose and meaning through Jesus Christ.  Soon the University of South Florida campus became a launching field for young people ready to commit their lives and life’s work to the Kingdom.  Five years ago Campus Ministry United was launched to facilitate and equip this dream further.  This organization started by Wes Woodell and Lynn has served to communicate and coordinate the need for practical resources to accompany academic learning so that passionate young people can find their way to effective ministry.  Along with this focus for the Tampa ministry, the same vision began to spread to other locations.  In the past 5 years, four other campus ministries were planted expanding the specific goal of approaching a university as a mission field.

Today, a new work begins for Lynn and Carol.  This new endeavor is to expand the possibilities for campus ministries all over this nation.  The facts have been proven out that campus ministries are sorely few comparatively to the masses of young people attending universities across this country.  Campus Ministry United is now launching Lynn and Carol as Directors of Ministry Advancement to raise funds and plant campus ministries with passionate people and effective resources.  They will be networking, researching, and coordinating people and places to reach this ripe mission field.

This blog will serve to communicate and update all those interested in this vision and the progress that ensues.  We would love for you to be a part of it!  May God’s Will be accomplished through our willing hearts and His Power.

One response

26 09 2012
David Creek

“I can and do have a passion for both God and Country. God comes first and formost But I still have a passion for country. Both is possible.”

Understood – I don’t think I said it wasn’t possible, did I? In fact I went out of my way to mention the importance of having passion for nation, no?

Where I was coming from in the post was saying that while passion for nation and patriotism is nice and all…is it gonna matter when God judges us? Will America be the power in heaven? Will we be eager to leave this great, though sinful nation behind for the only eternal kingdom or are we reluctant to do that because there are things in this world (anything) we love a little bit more than Him? That’s what I had in mind.

Thank you for reading.

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